ibook G4

sorry if I write in english, but I understand german. So you can write in your language.

I've tried to install SuseLinux 10.1 beta 5 on my ibook G4 of 12'' and 640 of ram. The problem? The installation doesn' start. The system is unable to format the partions.

What is the way out, if any?




Beta 5 is broken. The partioning system doesn't work correctly. Try using Ubuntu instead. It is as comfortable as SuSE and runs also on ibooks. http://www.ubuntu-linux.org.


Is there any special reason for trying the beta?? Why didn't you install the stable 10.0 SuSE release?? That should work properly. Or did I miss anything??


You have right.
I know that the beta versions is for developers. At any rate, if you're interested in this topic. I've installed it. I made recourse to the cd-installation of Ubuntu 5.10. I booted from cd, and from this I partioned the hard disk according to the needs of Suse. Then, I've eject Ubuntu-disc, reinserted the 1° disc of suse in the drive, and I've successfully installed it.

Only one problem.... It make me not decide to boot from suse or of Tiger. So I deleted it and reinstalled Ubuntu. I'm proving various linux - systems to see the best on my ibook. Suse ask too much to my laptop indeeed.
The best systems for my hardware are yellow dog and also fedora 5 (always for developers; infact it has many bugs.....).

However, another question: with parted I can resize also the slices where Tiger finds itself. But, can I enlarge a partition? I'm was unable to do this last thing.



P.S. Why always developer's versions? Opposite to Mozart's Papageno, 'K\"ampfen IST meine Sache'....